Friday, 24 November 2017

Get F.....Real!

 Now for todays news.

 1. Swansea City and Bournemouth back LGBT fans with Mx title.  BBC Sport Thats one game I'll not be watching. Rainbow laces, get a fucking life you politically correct twats.

2. Predatory accounts still on YouTube.  BBC News Simple solution, raise the age for Facebook Accounts to eighteen. Job done! 

3. Newspaper headlines: Royal wedding 'odds on'. BBC News Who gives a fuck about scroungers living of the back of hard earned tax payers cash.  Fairy tale crap about a prince who isn’t really a prince. His ginger hair and freckles sort of gives us a clue to who his real father is?

Monday, 25 September 2017

Headmistress of all-girls school stops calling pupils ‘girls’?

Headmistress of all-girls school stops calling pupils ‘girls’ to not offend transgender? Link

A headmistress of one of Britain’s most prestigious girls school has stopped calling her pupils “girls” in case she offends transgender pupils. (You couldn’t make it up !!!)

Extreme feminist Sally-Anne Haung says she now refers to students at James Allen’s Girls’ School as “they” rather than “she”. I can't even start to comment on these f...... idiots. I worry about the affects these mentally ill leaders and other brainwashing nuts are having on our school children. Its like a type of disturbed grooming, 'luring with the intent of damaging children’s minds'.


What happens if the girls at the all-girls school disagree with their headmistress and want to be called girls? Sally-Anne Haung will probably accuse them of having a phobia of transgender people.

This headmistress after a simple Google search seems to have form using her professional position and reputation to influence her students. Her personal blog says "that girls would need to have had their fingers in their ears during 'every other assembly' I have ever given – about empathy, equality and feminism“. 

I rest my case?

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

'South Wales Cordon's' showing a bit of common sense!

20/09/2017-Search at an address in Newport. Wales.
A 48-year-old man and a 30-year-old man were detained under the Terrorism Act in the early hours Two more arrested over Tube attack. A 48-year-old man and a 30-year-old man were detained under the Terrorism Act in the early hours, after a search at an address in Newport. Link

In a recent post I had some concerns about the our police going beyond what is expected or appropriate".

But I'm relieved to find 'South Wales Coppers' showing a bit of common sense (saving lots of peoples hard earned taxes to keep us safe?) and not a common military purpose (wasting lots of peoples hard earned taxes to keep us safe?) like some other forces I could mention???

Wasting lots of peoples hard earned taxes to keep us safe?Search by the Metropolitian police continuing at an address in in Sunbury, west London.
18/09/2017-Search by the Metropolitian police continuing at an address in in Sunbury, west London.

What we spend and how we spend it
Commissioner South Wales Police.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

UK Militarised Police expensive Terror responses.

I suppose everyone as been watching the teenage tube attack in London. I won’t call it a bomb attack like most hysterical media because put simply 'it was not'.

Don't be fooled by the corrupted state controlled TV and newspaper outlets. They report what they are told to report. It is what it is, a smouldering carrier bag that never even melted despite reports of huge balls of flames in the train carriage.

With that out of the way, am I the only person concerned about the our militarised police going beyond what is expected or appropriate with once again a 'over the top' excessive response to the event. Roads closed, people removed from their homes spending overnight  in a local rugby club? The fear police also raided a house occupied by elderly foster parents who were decorated by Queen.

-"Am I the only person concerned about the our militarised police going beyond what is expected or appropriate".
Note: "Don't they realise breaking down the doors of innocent people will do nothing to stop radicalism, it just makes those who want to do us harm brainwash even more unstable young recruits. If authorities spent more time asking themselves why so many thousands of people in this country want to hurt us, maybe then we can start to understand, find solutions and end these attacks. But the idiots who know nothing continue with their cowardly acts of drone warfare against innocents in the middle east and us the British public have to face the cowardly consequences."

I suspect there is more unscrupulous reasons why after even an complete non-event, police services might be exaggerating their responses to falsely create a atmosphere of public fear scaring the living daylights out of a already nervous public whose fear of crime is one of the biggest concerns for people across the UK today. So is it to make us all safe? Or is it to ‘secure even more police powers’ not forgeting these operations need lots of extra resources, paid for by you. Police Powers (Citizens Advice) After reading the Citizens Advice page: 'Basically if your friendly Bobbies in their squad car have any 'reasonable grounds' for suspecting that you are/been/could be involved in a crime, they can do to you or your family anything they want'.
In complete contrast to the fear generated by the UK police, in Barcelona recently a white van mounted the pavement and killed thirteen and injured over a hundred pedestrians in the Spanish city's tourist hotspot of Las Ramblas, but did the Spanish police cause fear and panic, close Las Ramblas or surrounding streets for days or turf people out of their homes. Well NO! 

Las Ramblas, Barcelona was open to the public the following morning, less than a day after the attack.

NO! the Spanish Police did not suddenly request extra powers like our UK Police Chiefs in addition to the extraordinary powers they already have like the 'Investigatory Powers Bill 2016'. (Snoopers Charter) What is the IP Act and how will it affect you?

Monday, 4 September 2017

Would you trust America if you was North Korean?

UN Security Council, Instrument of US led Wars, Blatantly Biased Against North Korea.

Monstrous military slaughter of the North Korean people.

“They are waging war not only against armed forces but above all and chiefly against the civilian population. With the methodicalness of civilized barbarians, the American armed forces, bombing from the air, from the sea and by other means, have destroyed all the big industrial enterprises in Korea and a majority of the medium-sized and smaller enterprises, wiped small and large towns from the face of the earth, destroyed villages, and now that winter is coming on they have begun the systematic destruction of the remaining settlements.

American aircraft carry out over a thousand sorties daily to bomb Korean towns and villages.

Using scorched-earth tactics, the American air force drops on towns and villages in which there are no military targets of any kind an enormous quantity of incendiary and high-explosive bombs, destroying houses and private property of peaceful inhabitants, leaving millions of persons homeless and destitute.

The systematic bombing of the remaining inhabited places became especially intense in the second half of October. American aircraft bombed and destroyed the towns of Sunchon, Kyachen, Gudyan, Hichen, Denchen and Koin.

In November American aircraft systematically bombed and practically completely destroyed the towns of Kanggye, Sinuiju, Yideyu, Senchen, Gusen, Tmichen, Cholsan, Buktin, Kosan, Manpo, Tyungandin, Hweren and others.

In the town of Kanggye out of 8,000 buildings less than 500 remain; in Sinuiju out of 12,000 buildings about 1,000 remain, in Chinnampo out of 1,500 buildings about 200 houses remain….The American interventionists are prepared to destroy every living thing, to turn Korea into a desert in order to carry out their rapacious plans for the enslavement of the Korean people.  ….The American imperialists have issued a tacit ultimatum to the Korean people, either submit to the domination of American imperialism or we will destroy every living thing in your country.”

Facts of the Korean War

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Standards in Public Life - Labour's Gay Kezia Dugdale resigns.

Labour's Kezia Dugdale ‘was outed as gay against her will’ Absolute rubbish, who's writing this crap! What about the people's trust in her? Is this another BBC joke? Is anyone surprised she had to resign as Scottish Labour leader? What else does anyone expect given she was bedding opposition SNP MSP Jenny Gilruth. What she tried to hide was the fact that her relationship with a SNP politician obviously brought into question her ability to hold public office with the very real risk of being influenced in her performance and her official duties.

After all why wouldn’t she remain given Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, Scottish Green Party leader Patrick Harvie and UKIP Scotland leader David Coburn all previously came out as LGB.

The BBC, SNP and the other LGB Zombies should be asking for the resignation of the 'SNP MSP Jenny Gilruth' due to the very obvious 'conflict of interest' between two elected politicians from two different political parties in a sexual relationship.

How comfortable would the electorate feel if Sir Alan Duncan (Con) was in bed with Ben Bradshaw (Lab) for example?

We all need reminding especially the BBC before publishing sentimental PC crab that there are standards in public life for people taking office which includes 'openness' and 'honesty'.

What politicians do privately is up to them, but not if their relationships undermines the standards of behaviour in a public office we all expect from them.

This is not a 'Man and Woman' thing which all the feminist page spiders crawling behind websites providing another keyword phrase article about men who unknown to them have become daily contestants in some sort of male-gender-hating public contests with the sexcist BBC the shows presenter.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Police probe carnival float as racist

Police are investigating a complaint after a carnival float was "considered racist" as it featured people who had painted their faces black. Aberaeron's bank holiday carnival had a float based on Jamaica's bobsleigh team from the film Cool Runnings. 

A Labour Party member in Ceredigion called the incident "unacceptable".

What a load of utter PC bollocks and a waste of tax payers money with a 'police investigation'.

When is this rubbish going to end. You can paint your face in any other colour apart from 'black' because its seen by Dinah Mulholland, (below) Labour's candidate for Ceredigion at June's General Election even at a carnival as racist?

People like this idiot are destroying this country using ' a common purpose' rather then just 'common sense'.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Women's Equality Party and we should all be feminists crap!

Single parents 'blocked' from politics due to childcare. BBC Wales. What they mean is Mothers’ blocked' from politics due to childcare. Single parents my ass, take a look down the article for the clue.

Not happy with outrageous 'WOMEN ONLY' short lists at election time now these man-hating extremists want to turn our Welsh 'so called' centre of democracy into a fucking nursery.

Whose behind this shit? Could it be 'Sarah Rees of the Women's Equality Party' who I quote from her profile “We should all be feminists. I’m not standing for me, I’m standing for us." Us? Who are 'us'. By the way who are you? Your parties manifesto is nothing but a pile of inaccurate, selective garbage. For instance her parties manifesto demands 'Equality in Education' while in August 2017 the gap between the GCSE achievements of girls and boys is at its widest since 2002 as girls pull further ahead.

No mention either of 'any gender fairness' in Primary or Nursery Schools in her 'Equality in Education' demands of course where in 2011 only one in four primary schools had any male teachers.

While in Australia MORE men are being recruited as teachers and nurses, as Australia’s sex equality watchdog pushes for “bloke quotas” in schools and hospitals. Sarah Rees and her Party won't be moving down-under in a hurry where Australians have recognised the real inequality between men and women in education.

Lets hope the people of Wales don't fall for this headline grabbing cockle shit without looking at the facts (The Truth) first.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Someone tell NEW Labour the UK voted to leave the EU.

UK votes to leave the EU. I became a Labour member excited by Jeremy Corbyn view for all our futures after we leave the EU for good.

Resigned from the Labour Party in anger today when the shitless idiots done this.

Papers are reporting that 'Jeremy Corbyn and Keir Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary, are facing a backlash from senior MPs in Labour’s traditional heartlands after announcing a dramatic shift in party policy to back continued membership of the EU single market beyond March 2019'….

 ‘WE VOTED OUT’ you back stabbing undemocratic pricks.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Bollocks to Choreographers are Feminists running our Primary Schools

BBC once again asks the question "Why so few female choreographers?" Who fucking cares? Only the BBC feminists of course. They should be asking about the very obvious sexisim in our Primary Schools. My experience of the sexist shit from my child's school when my boys were small just pissed me off - I remember a 'Magnificent Mums Competition' . Just another example of the many pieces of sexist propaganda I received throughout the year from one in the thousands of UK primary schools run exclusively by women. Another example:- Female organizers of the Christmas concert (nativity is a dirty word by the way) held over three days decided to change the whole traditional Xmas theme (that children of both sexes have loved for decades) and make Mrs Claus the main character delivering all the presents on Christmas Eve. WHY?. Because Mr Santa Claus played by a poor lad where health and safety conscious organizers even refused to fit a 'WHITE BEARD' to his face in case he 'choked' spent most of his part on stage either laying down, or doubled up holding his tummy for almost an hour pretending to be in pain, suffering from some kind of  'GASTRIC TURKEY FLU?

Arrest, Slap, Castrate and Lock-up!

These fuckers are the tip of an iceberg apparently, this is just Newcastle and Rotherham. Experts believe its happening in Town and Cities all over the UK.
Quote from the Spectator: "At least 1,400 children, Prof. Jay estimates, were subjected to sexual exploitation between 1997 and 2013. Many were raped multiple times by members of gangs whose activities either were or should have been known about by Rotherham council."

There’s a link you know, 90% of these abusers are Taxi drivers and the vast majority of the victims were children under the care of a local authority. So those fucking social workers who suppose to be keeping these kids safe also failed them. 

Where's these childrens rights to a family life? Who speaks for them... A secret Court? A secret system we have learned over decades which is not fit for any purpose but to serve those so called professionals who make a substantial living from the care industry where the commodities being profited are children.

Anyway, lets just hope these faces above are getting all the 'abuse' they deserve in prison.

Friday, 25 August 2017

The Sexist agenda of the Feminist BBC continues.

This is the face of a fucking low life bitch. She was jailed for false rape claims against nine men in four separate encounters.
The BBC completly ignored this serious crime choosing to report the same tedious anti-male crap when all the national newspapers at least had the decancy to report the bitch.

Gay Pride on our streets?

Anyone else find the fucking pink wigs, makeup, loud voices, etc pretty weird, excessive and gross. It’s kind of like the impressions/damage that bad rappers portraying gangster life do/show to people who don’t know black people. It just creates bias and prejudice.

How can anyone imagine these fucking weird marches supported by all the shitless Political Parties and UK media (because they fear their jobs are at risk if they say ‘anything’ against them) does anything to promote gay life in a democratic, diverse country like the UK I don't know.  Wouldn’t you find it fucking weird if the vast majority, that’s 99.9% of people in the UK who are ‘NOT’ gay start behaving like this on our streets every year?

South Wales Police cock-up again.

Pretty ironic that while South Wales Police force continue to spend our fucking hard earned cash on paranoid surveillance they fail to investigate a depraved child abuser 'Ian Watkins' for years who  eventually received a 35-year sentence in 2013 for 13 child sex offences. This cock-up of a police force as got so much previous they should be fucking locked up. One thing the paying public are certain of is that not one police officer responsible for this injustice will loose his/her job.