Saturday, 26 August 2017

Bollocks to Choreographers are Feminists running our Primary Schools

BBC once again asks the question "Why so few female choreographers?" Who fucking cares? Only the BBC feminists of course. They should be asking about the very obvious sexisim in our Primary Schools. My experience of the sexist shit from my child's school when my boys were small just pissed me off - I remember a 'Magnificent Mums Competition' . Just another example of the many pieces of sexist propaganda I received throughout the year from one in the thousands of UK primary schools run exclusively by women. Another example:- Female organizers of the Christmas concert (nativity is a dirty word by the way) held over three days decided to change the whole traditional Xmas theme (that children of both sexes have loved for decades) and make Mrs Claus the main character delivering all the presents on Christmas Eve. WHY?. Because Mr Santa Claus played by a poor lad where health and safety conscious organizers even refused to fit a 'WHITE BEARD' to his face in case he 'choked' spent most of his part on stage either laying down, or doubled up holding his tummy for almost an hour pretending to be in pain, suffering from some kind of  'GASTRIC TURKEY FLU?

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