Thursday, 31 August 2017

Standards in Public Life - Labour's Gay Kezia Dugdale resigns.

Labour's Kezia Dugdale ‘was outed as gay against her will’ Absolute rubbish, who's writing this crap! What about the people's trust in her? Is this another BBC joke? Is anyone surprised she had to resign as Scottish Labour leader? What else does anyone expect given she was bedding opposition SNP MSP Jenny Gilruth. What she tried to hide was the fact that her relationship with a SNP politician obviously brought into question her ability to hold public office with the very real risk of being influenced in her performance and her official duties.

After all why wouldn’t she remain given Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, Scottish Green Party leader Patrick Harvie and UKIP Scotland leader David Coburn all previously came out as LGB.

The BBC, SNP and the other LGB Zombies should be asking for the resignation of the 'SNP MSP Jenny Gilruth' due to the very obvious 'conflict of interest' between two elected politicians from two different political parties in a sexual relationship.

How comfortable would the electorate feel if Sir Alan Duncan (Con) was in bed with Ben Bradshaw (Lab) for example?

We all need reminding especially the BBC before publishing sentimental PC crab that there are standards in public life for people taking office which includes 'openness' and 'honesty'.

What politicians do privately is up to them, but not if their relationships undermines the standards of behaviour in a public office we all expect from them.

This is not a 'Man and Woman' thing which all the feminist page spiders crawling behind websites providing another keyword phrase article about men who unknown to them have become daily contestants in some sort of male-gender-hating public contests with the sexcist BBC the shows presenter.

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