Saturday, 26 August 2017

Arrest, Slap, Castrate and Lock-up!

These fuckers are the tip of an iceberg apparently, this is just Newcastle and Rotherham. Experts believe its happening in Town and Cities all over the UK.
Quote from the Spectator: "At least 1,400 children, Prof. Jay estimates, were subjected to sexual exploitation between 1997 and 2013. Many were raped multiple times by members of gangs whose activities either were or should have been known about by Rotherham council."

There’s a link you know, 90% of these abusers are Taxi drivers and the vast majority of the victims were children under the care of a local authority. So those fucking social workers who suppose to be keeping these kids safe also failed them. 

Where's these childrens rights to a family life? Who speaks for them... A secret Court? A secret system we have learned over decades which is not fit for any purpose but to serve those so called professionals who make a substantial living from the care industry where the commodities being profited are children.

Anyway, lets just hope these faces above are getting all the 'abuse' they deserve in prison.

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