Monday, 28 August 2017

Women's Equality Party and we should all be feminists crap!

Single parents 'blocked' from politics due to childcare. BBC Wales. What they mean is Mothers’ blocked' from politics due to childcare. Single parents my ass, take a look down the article for the clue.

Not happy with outrageous 'WOMEN ONLY' short lists at election time now these man-hating extremists want to turn our Welsh 'so called' centre of democracy into a fucking nursery.

Whose behind this shit? Could it be 'Sarah Rees of the Women's Equality Party' who I quote from her profile “We should all be feminists. I’m not standing for me, I’m standing for us." Us? Who are 'us'. By the way who are you? Your parties manifesto is nothing but a pile of inaccurate, selective garbage. For instance her parties manifesto demands 'Equality in Education' while in August 2017 the gap between the GCSE achievements of girls and boys is at its widest since 2002 as girls pull further ahead.

No mention either of 'any gender fairness' in Primary or Nursery Schools in her 'Equality in Education' demands of course where in 2011 only one in four primary schools had any male teachers.

While in Australia MORE men are being recruited as teachers and nurses, as Australia’s sex equality watchdog pushes for “bloke quotas” in schools and hospitals. Sarah Rees and her Party won't be moving down-under in a hurry where Australians have recognised the real inequality between men and women in education.

Lets hope the people of Wales don't fall for this headline grabbing cockle shit without looking at the facts (The Truth) first.

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