Monday, 25 September 2017

Headmistress of all-girls school stops calling pupils ‘girls’?

Headmistress of all-girls school stops calling pupils ‘girls’ to not offend transgender? Link

A headmistress of one of Britain’s most prestigious girls school has stopped calling her pupils “girls” in case she offends transgender pupils. (You couldn’t make it up !!!)

Extreme feminist Sally-Anne Haung says she now refers to students at James Allen’s Girls’ School as “they” rather than “she”. I can't even start to comment on these f...... idiots. I worry about the affects these mentally ill leaders and other brainwashing nuts are having on our school children. Its like a type of disturbed grooming, 'luring with the intent of damaging children’s minds'.


What happens if the girls at the all-girls school disagree with their headmistress and want to be called girls? Sally-Anne Haung will probably accuse them of having a phobia of transgender people.

This headmistress after a simple Google search seems to have form using her professional position and reputation to influence her students. Her personal blog says "that girls would need to have had their fingers in their ears during 'every other assembly' I have ever given – about empathy, equality and feminism“. 

I rest my case?

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