Sunday, 17 September 2017

UK Militarised Police expensive Terror responses.

I suppose everyone as been watching the teenage tube attack in London. I won’t call it a bomb attack like most hysterical media because put simply 'it was not'.

Don't be fooled by the corrupted state controlled TV and newspaper outlets. They report what they are told to report. It is what it is, a smouldering carrier bag that never even melted despite reports of huge balls of flames in the train carriage.

With that out of the way, am I the only person concerned about the our militarised police going beyond what is expected or appropriate with once again a 'over the top' excessive response to the event. Roads closed, people removed from their homes spending overnight  in a local rugby club? The fear police also raided a house occupied by elderly foster parents who were decorated by Queen.

-"Am I the only person concerned about the our militarised police going beyond what is expected or appropriate".
Note: "Don't they realise breaking down the doors of innocent people will do nothing to stop radicalism, it just makes those who want to do us harm brainwash even more unstable young recruits. If authorities spent more time asking themselves why so many thousands of people in this country want to hurt us, maybe then we can start to understand, find solutions and end these attacks. But the idiots who know nothing continue with their cowardly acts of drone warfare against innocents in the middle east and us the British public have to face the cowardly consequences."

I suspect there is more unscrupulous reasons why after even an complete non-event, police services might be exaggerating their responses to falsely create a atmosphere of public fear scaring the living daylights out of a already nervous public whose fear of crime is one of the biggest concerns for people across the UK today. So is it to make us all safe? Or is it to ‘secure even more police powers’ not forgeting these operations need lots of extra resources, paid for by you. Police Powers (Citizens Advice) After reading the Citizens Advice page: 'Basically if your friendly Bobbies in their squad car have any 'reasonable grounds' for suspecting that you are/been/could be involved in a crime, they can do to you or your family anything they want'.
In complete contrast to the fear generated by the UK police, in Barcelona recently a white van mounted the pavement and killed thirteen and injured over a hundred pedestrians in the Spanish city's tourist hotspot of Las Ramblas, but did the Spanish police cause fear and panic, close Las Ramblas or surrounding streets for days or turf people out of their homes. Well NO! 

Las Ramblas, Barcelona was open to the public the following morning, less than a day after the attack.

NO! the Spanish Police did not suddenly request extra powers like our UK Police Chiefs in addition to the extraordinary powers they already have like the 'Investigatory Powers Bill 2016'. (Snoopers Charter) What is the IP Act and how will it affect you?

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