Saturday, 16 June 2018

War on Drugs is working then?

Man collapsed on a bench in the town.
Coming to a Town near you soon. The image shows show three young men slumped over in a street after taking Spice in Bridgend town centre, close to where a child is playing. BBC
South Wales Police said drugs had a "hugely detrimental impact" on communities and urge the public to "take a stand against drugs"What the fuck are we all paying South Wales Police for! So you want us to do your fucking job. Right, scrap your paranoid face recognition surveillance and drone program and with the savings put more real 'policemen' (and please, no more joking, power drunk feminists acting out their man-bashing fantasies) in Bridgend Town center then perhaps you can 'be there to protect the public' and witness this shit yourselves.