Monday, 2 July 2018

The BBC's Real Agenda on Trans payed for by 'YOU'

BBC chief stunned as secret staff sex survey reveals 417 of the corporation's workers are transgender Daily Mail

How the fuck are power drunk BBC bosses allowed to campaign for trans people at tax payers expense.

I watched the Victoria Derbyshire program about the subject.  I'm still in shock!  How is this completely sexist shit allowed to be aired.
I cant wait for the 'Big Showdown'.

Future Event - Coming to a screen or in a ladies powder room near you! The Messed-up Fight - 'Man Hating Feminists/Media Hard Right' V 'Trans Men /The BBC/ The Rainbow People'. 
Can't wait, but I see the build up ain't bad. Twitter 'bans women against trans ideology', say feminists.

I for one will be falling about laughing! 😀 Talk about shooting yourself in the foot/or high heel more like.

Comment: Looks like this completely fucked-up shit is going to get really messy. My monies on the MEN? 😀

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